VIP - Plan B (yearly)

VIP - Plan B (yearly)

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Save money!!!!! We inspect each pop before we ship!!! Cannot use Amazon pay for this item.

How the plan works:

1. Yearly Recurring amount of  $120.00
2. Discounts of 20% on the majority of our pops with a few exceptions( PX Exclusives ,Vaulted, Other Exclusives. You will get a Membership discount on these as well.)
3. Each account is only allowed to purchase 2 max of the same item.
4. Only 1 membership per person.
5. Will only ship to address on account.
6. Membership must be active when pops ship to received Membership discount.. If deactivated when pops are about to ship refund will be given and order(s) cancelled.
7. Members will be automatically included in weekly drawings to win prizes.
8. I can take up to 3 business days to activate membership.
9. Make an account on the website
10. If a subject isn't address here Mazz Comics has the final say and can change/add/delete/update any rules.
11. We ship as they come in unless it is a bundle or purchased as a group.
12. There is no delaying in charging for them items.
13. 1 in 6 Chases will be treated as commons unless you purchase a stand alone chase.

Selling pops for over 4 years. We do local Comic Cons and have sold 1000's of pops. We inspect pops before we ship. If there is a problem you will be contacted.


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