Black Friday Mazz-sterious Mystery Box

Black Friday Mazz-sterious Mystery Box

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  • This is a 50 Box Mystery Box!
  • 60% will contain "Commons" (30 Boxes)
  • 30% will contain "Exclusives" (15 boxes)
  • 10% will contain "Rares" (pictured) (5 boxes)

Rules Of the Mazz-sterious Mystery Box

1. The force is not always with you. We try to keep the largest amount of high end pops we possibly can in every mazz-sterious box. Trust that we are committed to that but the only way this works is that the odds of you getting a “rare pop” are far less than getting a common.

2. You can enter as many times as you want but every entry must be a NEW PURCHASE, YOU CAN NOT BUY TWO OR MORE BOXES AT ONCE. You can buy as many as you want ONE AT A TIME.

3. Pop protectors are provided for more valuable pops although we will ship and handle every Pop with care.

4. This is completely random. They are packaged before any shipping labels are printed. We do everything in our power to make this as random as possible. We encourage any winner to share on social media and tag us! 

5. Every box has to sell in order for this to work. If for some reason we fail to fill a mystery boc your money will be refunded in full. The maximum amount of time we will allow a box to run is two (2) weeks. Although we hope to have your pops shipped within a week!

6. All sales are FINAL! No exchanges or returns!



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